Liang Lan

Marine and Environmental Activist

Liang Lan (born 28 May 1980) is a Marine and Environmental Scientist, Geophysicist and Offshore Energy Specialist with more than 10 years’ research on air pollution, environment harmony, water pollution and other issues related to nature crisis. He is an environmental consultant in some universities in China and wrote many articles about water crisis and sustainable agriculture issues. Liang is also a project director for numerous large scale government and private geo - environmental and geo - construction projects including: large tunnel, bridge and roadway projects, oil and gas well drilling, large Superfund sites, DOE environmental sites, marine terminals.

Nationality: CN
April 06, 2019

The Atlantic is at risk of circulation collapse. It would mean even greater climate chaos across Eur...

Over recent years Europe has witnessed some particularly unusual weather, in both winter and summer.

August 06, 2023

Interesting facts about Southern right whales

After taking 10 years to mature, Southern right females breed about every three years. A whale calf...

August 03, 2023

Using our oceans to fight climate change

The ocean isn't just impacted by climate change -- it may also be part of the solution to reversing...

July 25, 2023

Tourists help scientists reveal microplastic pollution on remote Arctic beaches

Researchers recruited holidaymakers to carry out sample collection during cruises, hoping to fill in...

July 24, 2023

Extreme weather highlights need for greater climate action

Scorching temperatures are engulfing large parts of the Northern hemisphere, while devastating flood...

July 16, 2023

Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems: Study finds Europe is still far from meeting its targets

The conservation of global biodiversity is one of the most urgent objectives for the coming decades.

July 02, 2023

Half of world's largest lakes losing water

Climate change, human consumption and sedimentation contributing to decline.

May 27, 2023

Indo-Pacific corals more resilient to climate change than Atlantic corals

In the face of global warming and other environmental changes, corals in the Atlantic Ocean have dec...

May 06, 2023

Large-scale peatland restoration necessary for climate and biodiversity

In the EU, half of all peatlands have been drained and thus turned into carbon emitters.

April 15, 2023

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