Globalization has a wide-range of effects; negative and positive.
Globalization: The Problem or Part of the Solution (2)

Some people see globalization as internationalization and growth of business transaction between countries and describe this as an intensified form of international trade. In that sense, advocates believe it brings positive benefits for consumers, helping to increase choice, drive down prices, improve services and generate more jobs and opportunities. But the opponents to internationalization blame this intensified form of international trade for changing the behaviour of consumers and creating a mass consumption and as a result, changing the ecosystem and causing environmental disaster. The overall impact of globalization in the modern world has been a great subject of debate, and there is rising controversy that whether the disadvantages of globalization overcomes the advantages it provides. As stated by Mol in Globalization and Environmental Reform, the environmental repercussions are often related to the market demand and supply, or also widely known as “Global Capitalism” (2001, p. 71).

In respect to the effect of global capitalism, it has certainly induced or in a bold way of saying it, it has ‘messed up’ the entire climate system and the environment respectively. The consequence of rapid development of science and technology in thus-far unimaginable proportions is the emergence of the global environmental crisis.

Most simply put, the environmental crisis refers to the global “attack” on ecosystems, that is, the man’s immoral behavior towards nature. According to research, human beings have already exceeded the productive capacity of natural resources by 30 percent and up to 60 percent of the ecosystem is presently over-exhausted (Brockington, p.412). 

The link between environment and economic development is very complex, and there is no possibility of independence of economic from environmental issues. Manifestation of environmental crisis through various degrees of pollution, vulnerability, and degradation of environment is essential and burning problem of civilization, whose solution determines the future. It is obvious that benefitting from globalization, minimising the environmental threat and degradation all require proper planning, discussion, and capacity to incorporate all of it in the economic and business process. It is important that countries should invest in this regard especially the developing countries in order to gain long-term benefits by achieving sustainable development. As an initial solution for combating the negative consequences of the globalization process, it is necessary to develop environmental awareness of all people, starting with the youngest, who are the future leaders of life on Earth. Perhaps the current environmentally shaken trajectory of human development can be changed, but it requires globalization of efficient social and political actions for the purpose of sustainability. 


A Alice Hooffmans

What problem can globalization solve?

9 months ago


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