Solutions to plastic pollution: An example of how to lead a ‘No More Plastic’ school project. It’s all about students' motivation for finding initiative and solutions.
World Environment Day: 5th June

As a teacher, I try to do my best to thrive my student’s interest to strive for climate change issues as they are all Actors of Change if they learn from school the respect and importance that Environment has on their daily life and the conditioning of their future, therefore they are willing to Take Action. I do repeat that I, as many other teachers, try to do my best according to the academic curriculum to include Climate literacy which is not a mandatory school subject… Here is a simple presentation to show that actions are possible to aware the school community of banning single use plastic in their lifestyle.


Step 1

What's the problem? Plastic soup, microplastics, single use plastic... The students aim to define the problem, both locally and globally.

Previously, I organized the massive visioning at the secondary school of the National Geographic documentary: "Before the Flood”. To announce the event, students, with the CANVA Application, created some fantastic posters:




The day of the activity, my students were in charge of presenting the initiative and the truth is, I am very proud of them. They did it outstandingly and transmitted a lot of enthusiasm. - At the end of the projection there was applause and many discovered a real fact about the delicate situation in which our Planet Earth finds itself... Of course, reactions did not take long to appear.

Upon returning to the classroom, spontaneously, a blackboard was filled with some drawings:

Step 2

Any solutions? How to avoid or replace plastic? The students try to find solutions. 

Focusing on potential Solutions

Customized bags to replace plastic bags: Tote bags
Sandwich holders with waxed cloth made by the students

Step 3

Action! The students take action and try to bring change at school and at home. How can we help our Students to spread out to the youngest in their own school, the Values and Attitudes to make the Beautiful Planet a better place.

Students prepare to ban single-use plastic in the school community in Spain through the subject of French.


After sharing our journey to ban plastic in the school community, I would like to stay optimistic about our young people. They can take relevant actions and stop the unsustainable outcome of plastic pollution before 2030, "before it is too late".


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