Hundreds of thousands of girls and young women are calling for the UK to make a promise to reduce single-use plastic.
Girlguides campaign for action to reduce single-use plastic.

The call is part of a new campaign, launched by Girlguiding, aimed at tackling plastic pollution.

Nearly half a million members – including the Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger divisions, as well as volunteers – are due to take part in a week of action dedicated to the issue, Girlguiding said.
The majority of girls and young women – aged seven to 21 (88%), feel it is urgent that everyone does more to protect the environment, a poll conducted by the organisation in the summer found.

The #PlasticPromise campaign has five pledges, and anyone can sign up by visiting the website

Girlguiding members will be asking their friends, family, politicians and the public to join them in making in a pledge, the organisation said.

The pledges are:

  • – Start using a reusable water bottle
  • – Start using an alternative to disposable cutlery
  • – Start using a reusable coffee cup
  • – Start using a reusable box or reusable wrapping instead of clingfilm
  • – Stand up and speak out about cutting plastic waste – and make big brands listen

TV presenter Liz Bonnin, who is supporting the campaign, said: “We all need to take action to create the change our planet needs.

“Today, thousands of girls all over the UK are making their #PlasticPromise, leading by example and inspiring others to be part of the solution too.

“I am joining forces with these powerful young women to say to those who can enforce change where it matters most: treat the future of our children and our planet with the respect they deserve.

“These girls and young women want you to act now, for their future.”

– The annual Girlguiding Girls’ Attitudes survey questioned over 2,000 UK girls and young women aged seven to 21



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