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We are residents of a kind and caring planet called Earth; a planet with a lot of water and soil, with a lot of creatures, some too tiny to see, some too big to ignore. To make a better life, mankind has made a lot of efforts; however, these efforts has had many side effects that mankind was not aware of. We have polluted water and soil, ruined forests, made changes to the climate, killed or caused death to many species of animals. Thus, the planet Earth is really tired now. Tiredearth is a nonprofit and apolitical group trying internationally to inspire, improve awareness, get motivated hearts together, and increase the hope for a shiny future. Guided by science and experience, we try to solve urgent threats with practical solutions through innovating ways. We believe prosperity and environmental stewardship must take step by step and we are sure we can accomplish this mission together. Future belongs to our children and begins at this very moment. Thanks to what our fathers have done in recent centuries; we are deprived of many great things. We will not do the same thing to our children. we hold ourselves accountable to our children and all creatures that have right to live in this planet and consume natural resources. Moreover, together we will do our best to heal the pains the Tired Earth is suffering. Your ideas, concerns, opinions are welcomed and we will be pleased to share your media.

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