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A Must-Have Book to Save the World

The Book Summery   

This workbook will change your world. It will teach you how to use data collected by sensors, satellites and drones within smart cities in combination with the secrets of behavior-change, gamification, narrative design and social movement-building so you can make serious social and environmental change happen. Don’t think you experiences you have had, this process will take you on a journey that will unleash your most epic ideas yet.

“How to Save the World” is a workbook that helps you to have a new world through social and environmental changes professionals learn how to implement powerful techniques, drawn from behavioral psychology, measurement, design, data, storytelling, visualization, and game design that are proven to have impact.
Sound plan in this workbook will take you through a journey of exercises, questions, and case studies that will teach you the art of changing the world — and it’s often not what you think it is.

About The Author   

Katie Patrick is an Australian-American environmental engineer and designer.  Her company, Hello World Labs, applies data-driven, gamification, and behavior-change techniques to solve the world’s environmental problems. She is the designer of the zero-waste behavior-change game Detrashed, host of the related Detrashed YouTube series, and author of the book Detrash Your Life in 90 Days - The Art of Zero Waste Living. Katie is also the creator of Zerowastify.com, an app designed to measure and report municipal solid waste, and UrbanCanopy.io, a map-based application that uses spectral imaging of urban heat islands and green cover to encourage urban greening initiatives. 

Katie has been a media spokesperson on environmental issues, and has been featured regularly on TV, radio and in print publications, including Vogue Australia, ABC News, and BBC Radio. She was CEO of the VC-funded green-lifestyle magazine Green Pages, and was appointed environmental brand ambassador by the Ogilvy Earth advertising agency for Volkswagen, Lipton Tea and Wolfblass Wines.

She has served on the board of Australia’s national eco label, Good Environmental Choice Australia, and won the 2008 Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Award for entrepreneurship. After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a B.Eng in Environmental Engineering, she worked as an environmental design engineer for building engineers Lincoln Scott in Sydney on some of the world’s first platinum-LEED-certified commercial buildings. Katie lives in San Francisco with her young daughter Anastasia.

Who is the audience of this book?  

This book is a must-have for anyone searching meaningful changes to make the world a better place to leave in. It's written for social change entrepreneurs, designers, sustainability professionals, environmental advocates, student activists, engineers, city planners, civic technologists, tech startups, and community organizers. Whether you are just starting your search for meaningful work, or you've spent a lifetime's career campaigning for change, How to Save the World will add techniques you haven't heard of, inspiration to creatively flower, and a roadmap to chart your future journey for solving the world's biggest problems. The unique design-thinking process in the book will help both experienced and aspiring world-changers discover their next big idea.

Source: Katie Patrick


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