The solution has been designed to allow UK homeowners to reduce their energy bills and get more independence from the grid.
Nissan Launches Energy Solar For UK Homes

This week, Nissan announced “Nissan Energy Solar” at the Electric Ecosystem Experience powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility. “Nissan Energy Solar is the all-in-one solution that combines world-class residential solar panels with energy storage system to make the most of UK homes. The solution has been designed to allow UK homeowners to reduce their energy bills and get more independence from the grid, allowing them to live more sustainably.”

Clearly, solar + electric vehicles is a match made in heaven. Our own recent research (published less than one week ago) showed that 32% of EV-driving respondents in our most recent surveys on the topic also have rooftop solar power. This backs up similar findings in two previous CleanTechnica reports as well as research conducted by others in the past few years.

Nissan is not new to solar either. EV Obsession earlier reported on a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant that will help to power the Japanese firm’s most significant production plant in Europe. “Specifically, it will help to power the manufacture of the all-electric Nissan LEAF units produced there.”

Nissan also offered a home solar power deal to LEAF buyers in Japan recently — free installation!

Now Nissan is bringing home solar (and energy storage) to householders in the UK. “Traditionally, solar energy has been used to power home appliances during the day, but now with Nissan Energy Solar householders can collect and store the excess energy from their solar panels and use it during the night — even to charge their Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 — and on cloudy days.”

Francisco Carranza, Managing Director of Nissan Energy at Nissan Europe, says: “Solar panels have become the world’s fastest-growing source of new energy, and we’re thrilled to launch Nissan Energy Solar in the UK. Over 880,000 UK homes already have solar panels installed, and they see the benefits every day, from decreasing electricity bills to increasing property values.”

Nissan adds: “The new product also includes a home energy management system that will allow users to control how and when they want to use their energy in real time as well as making the entire energy system more efficient and sustainable. The system reduces energy costs and carbon footprint for homeowners significantly, by automating energy flows, purposefully utilizing solar production peaks and storage capacities. Nissan Energy Solar solution will start at £3881.”

As Nissan develops fantastic zero-emissions transportation technology and offers zero-emissions power generation, the company also supports creative socially tangible goals. Margot Robbie says: “The world is going electric, but the sad fact is that so many people around the world still don’t have access to a reliable source of electricity at all. Projects like the ones Nissan has announced have the potential to make a genuine difference in people’s lives and help build a cleaner, safer, fairer future for everyone.” That was in relation to work Nissan is doing to bring electricity to people without it.



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