Boaters and especially swimmers will want to avoid part of the Hudson River in Westchester County, as up to a million gallons of sewage is expected to be dumped into the water just north of New York City every day.
Up to 1 million gallons of sewage to be released into Hudson River each day: Where to avoid

The Westchester County Department of Health said Friday that recreational activities in the water from Peekskill down to Yonkers should be avoided starting the weekend of June 8 and going until further notice. The department said that Croton Park Beach and Philise Manor Beach will be closed for the time being as well.

The Croton River should also be avoided from 100 Croton River Road to the Hudson River, the health department said.

The advisory comes after the county's Department of Environmental Facilities said it was working to repair a section of 24-inch cast iron pipe after a break in a sewer force main in Ossining. The pipe needs to be excavated, then the section will be cut out and replaced before encased in concrete.

As those repairs are going on, partially treated sewage will be discharged at Croton River Road in Ossining, according to the health department. Until the repair is completed and the force main is back in service, up to one million gallons of partially treated sewage is expected to be released into the Hudson River every single day, the health department said.

Depending on tides, water quality from Peekskill to Yonkers could be impacted.

The county health department will monitor the situation and will allow the beaches to reopen once the sewage dumping stops and repairs are done. More information is available at the county health department's website.

Source: NBC New York


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