On Thursday, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) adopted the Czech rapporteur’s watered-down version of the Commission’s Euro 7 proposal, giving industry more time to prepare for the new pollution standards and echoing the Czech government’s push at the Council level.
Czechia behind push to weaken car pollution standards

In a 52:32 vote on Thursday, MEPs from ECR, EPP, Renew, and ID adopted a proposal on Euro 7 with more lenient rules than the original European Commission proposal.

“The EP ENVI Committee has just approved my report on the Euro 7 proposal. 52:32. The Green-Socialist Left has been defeated. For the first time in four years, a completely different coalition in the EP,” Czech MEP Alexandr Vondra wrote on X on Thursday.

“As a result, we will preserve the affordability of cars with internal combustion engines and keep people working in the car industry,” he added.

The Czech government, led by Vondra’s Civic Democrats (ECR) party, was also behind the relaxation of the new rules at Council level. The Czech Republic, dependent on the car industry, led a coalition of like-minded states, including France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Under the proposal, which EU competitiveness ministers endorsed on 25 September, carmakers would be required to reduce emissions from new vehicles while being given more time to prepare for the changes. Specifically, emission limits for cars and vans would be at the same level as the current Euro 6 emissions standard. For trucks, these limits should be slightly tighter.

The proposal approved by the ENVI Committee provides for even longer transition periods during which the standard will be put into practice. Industry will have more time to prepare for the new legislation, meaning Euro 7 could come into force after 2030.

The European Parliament is expected to vote on the proposal in plenary formation in November to conclude the following interinstitutional trilogue meetings by the end of the year.

Source: euractiv.com


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