I began working with International Migratory Bird Day in the mid-1990s.
Tired Earth: An Interview with Susan Bonfield, Executive Director of the Environment for the Americas

This interview was conducted by Selva Ozelli


Tell us about Bird Day Organization http://www.birdday.org/about organization and what programs it has implemented to raise awareness concerning Birds and its impact on our environment and biodiversity?

Our organization, Environment for the Americas, was created to serve as the home of World Migratory Bird Day (then called International Migratory Bird Day). International Migratory Bird Day was created by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and was a keystone education program of Partners in Flight. The goal was to provide opportunities for the general public to learn about birds and their conservation and to participate in actions to help to protect birds. It is a call to action for migratory bird conservation.

How long have you been doing this?

Most of my life! I began working with International Migratory Bird Day in the mid-1990s, then became the coordinator in 2000. In 2007 we launched Environment for the Americas, and I am the Director. Under Environment for the Americas, I have continued to grow World Migratory Bird Day.

How many countries does your Organization operate in?

We work across the Western Hemisphere directly and around the world with our partners at the Convention on Migratory Species.  

Does your Organization have a partnership with the UN or America All In? Will it take part in COP15 or COP26?

Yes, we work with the Convention on Migratory Species and other agreements. Yes, the CMS organizes the COPs.

What projects concerning plastic pollution is your Organization involved in? And would you like to join in on Tired Earth's #MASKUARY CAMPAIGN?

We highlight threats to birds, and plastics are among the threats. We offer solutions to plastics and develop education materials. We would be happy to participate in the #MASKUARY CAMPAIGN.

Fatma Kadir's Maskuary - Guarding Nature Digital Art Show

How can people get involved with your Organization's activities? Do you provide digital access to your programming?

Please visit our websites at migratorybirdday.org and environmentamericas.org for more information. We do have digital access to much of our programming. 

Anything else you might want to add.

Thank you for this opportunity!


V Veronica Kyle

Hi Susan!Looking forward to learning more about your organization.

1 year ago


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