Union Farms of Africa (UFA) is a cooperative using AI to solve food insecurity in Africa.
Interview With Prince Justin Ajinga Tanyi, Executive Chairman of Union Farms of Africa

This interview was conducted by Selva Ozelli


Tell us about Union Farms of Africa and its mission.

Union Farms of Africa (UFA) is an Agro innovation group of cooperatives specialized in maize and cassava, plantains and livestock production, transformation, marketing, distribution, and international linkages. The Union Farms of Africa's vision for the agriculture sector is to ensure food and nutrition security across Africa and to pursue economic growth, social capital development, including the empowerment of youth and women in agricultural activities, while reducing the process of environmental degradation. Its mission is to reduce poverty, increase livelihood, employment through a resilience-based and market-driven approach in pursuit of a countrywide strategy towards climate smart and organic agriculture and supporting value chains and markets development, introducing appropriate policy and technology.

UFA is focused on sustainable farming across Africa, where we bring together partnerships across the value chain to ensure that every component of agriculture value chain is sustained in our project as we plan to replicate the success and proof of concept in Cameroun to other parts of Africa to ensure food security is achieved and sustained using organic inputs. Union Farms of Africa (UFA) is a cooperative using AI to solve food insecurity in Africa. UFA produces high-yielding planting materials and creates markets for its farmers. AI helps UFA monitor crops, predict events, and increase production.

Which services does your organization offer for climate-smart and organic agriculture?

  • Regenerative Smart Climate resilience farming
  • Agribusiness Training, Consulting, Coaching and International linkages
  • Agricultural drone related service
  • Organic seed multiplication
  • Organic Fertilizer production and Biogas
  • Waste recycling

Which countries in Africa does your organization operate in?

Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Liberia, Rwanda, Niger, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and South Africa.

Does your organization collaborate with the United Nations?

No looking forward to starting collaboration.

What is your programming for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)?

To connect with partners to can provide rural farmers with renewable energy, crop insurance, green financing, carbon credit trading and AI for African Food System. We want to show showcase our indigenous organic value chains from 10 UFA Members countries in Africa and encourage Africa diaspora to invest in agriculture.

How can businesses and individuals get involved with your organization?

WhatsApp: +237677753273
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.unionfarmsofafrica.org


Trainees of UFA Farmers Business School (Females)

GIZ visit to UFA Hybrid Maize Demonstration Farm

A Cross Section of Processed Maize Items


P Prince. Justin Ajings Tanyi

Wow. This is great. UFA is championing the Green Revolution

7 months ago


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