Viviane Gosselin

Curator of Contemporary Culture, Museum of Vancouver

Viviane Gosselin, Director of Collections & Exhibitions, Curator of Contemporary Culture Viviane joined MOV's team in 2010. Her work on historical and environmental literacy seeks to make the museum a more responsive, empathetic, and democratic public space that prompts people to recognize their own capacity to effect positive social change. Viviane has led and co-curated several exhibitions that have been recognized nationally and internationally. She has authored several articles on participatory museology and intercultural curation and is co-editor of Museums and the Past: Constructing Historical Consciousness (UBC Press). Viviane is currently involved in developing sustainable exhibition design practices with a team of city staff, architects and designers committed to creating a no-waste city. Rather than talking about radical innovation, she prefers to focus on the power of small wins as a mean of furthering the social work of museums.⁠ Viviane is a member of the advisory group of the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice. She is also a Board Director of ICOM-Canada. Education: PhD from the University of British Columbia.

Nationality: CA
September 08, 2021

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