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Site editor

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May 28, 2023

Niger coup is major threat for Italy’s energy ‘Mattei Plan’

The coup in Niger is not good news for Italy, potentially putting its much-touted new ‘Mattei plan’,...

August 07, 2023

World’s oceans set new surface temperature record

The world’s oceans set a new temperature record this week, raising concerns about knock-on effects o...

August 06, 2023

July 2023 expected to be hottest month ever recorded

July 2023 has broken multiple temperature records and is expected to be the hottest month ever recor...

August 01, 2023

How climate change is redrawing the border between Switzerland and Italy

Land borders are often regarded as permanent fixed lines – but in mountainous regions like the Alps,...

July 31, 2023

Europe needs a new energy security strategy

Almost ten years after its launch, the EU’s energy security strategy needs to be rewritten in light...

July 30, 2023

Warmer weather makes venomous snake bites more likely, especially in spring

Climate change is not only making Georgia hotter but also increasing the likelihood of snake bite, a...

July 16, 2023

What is essential? The question overshadowing Europe’s chemical law reform

The European Union will revise its chemicals legislation to ban harmful substances and drive sustain...

July 15, 2023

Parliament to vote on groundbreaking EU ‘compensation right’ against pollution

Campaigners are pushing for a right to compensation for citizens affected by air pollution as the Eu...

July 09, 2023

EU’s Nature Restoration Law hangs in the balance ahead of decisive July vote

There is a huge need for restoring Europe’s ecosystems, with 81% of habitats in a poor or bad state.

June 28, 2023

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