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May 28, 2023

30 countries commit to mutual recognition of clean hydrogen certificates

Work on fostering a global hydrogen economy is progressing, with the launch in Dubai of a 30-country...

December 06, 2023

Small nuclear reactors: what we know about the EU’s future industry alliance

As the European Commission prepares to launch its industry alliance for small modular reactors, Eura...

December 05, 2023

COP28: The new global crackdown on climate-wrecker methane

Reducing methane emissions from the energy sector are among the key actions developed by the global...

December 04, 2023

At COP28, Europe must grapple with consequences of carbon tariff

As EU representatives get ready to head to Dubai for COP28, they must prepare to be confronted with...

November 28, 2023

EU extends state aid scheme for companies hit by rising energy prices

The European Commission on Monday (20 November) extended by six months to June 2024 a scheme enablin...

November 27, 2023

Restoring forests can boost global carbon capture, major study finds

Restoring the world’s forests through community-driven action can capture up to 226 gigatonnes of ca...

November 19, 2023

France to regulate nuclear electricity sales price at €70/MWh

After months of negotiations, the French government and state-owned utility EDF reached an agreement...

November 15, 2023

Norway reluctant to ban deep sea mining in the Arctic, despite French pressure

Thirty-one countries have pledged to stop all deep-sea mining in polar regions at the One Planet Pol...

November 14, 2023

Europe’s oldest renewables industry wants more attention from Brussels

The EU’s biggest hydropower players have gathered to form an alliance and are asking for aid from Br...

October 28, 2023

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