Lívia Campos de Menezes

Film Festival Director

I’m passionate about stories and problem-solving. I started my career working in operations and market research. In 2014, I decided to make a career change and returned to school to study screenwriting. As I learned the craft of creating a great script, I realized that besides writing my stories, I enjoyed and was good at helping other creatives bring their vision to the screen. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when solving problems and finding ways to produce unique audio-visual projects and film-related events. I have a hands-on attitude and calm-under-pressure style, and I'm comfortable working in ambiguous environments and changing circumstances. With 10+ years of experience in operations, project management, and relationship building, I know how to maintain the big picture business vision while managing day-to-day operations. Additional things I do well: public speaking, blogging, films & tv shows reviewing. I'm also fond of photographing landscapes. If you're looking for a badass leader and a fun team player, let's talk! I love partnering with other fearless creatives to make projects come to life. Currently based in Nevada City, CA.

Nationality: US
January 19, 2023

Not yet, but soon.

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