Jonathan D Smith

PhD Researcher in Religious Studies

PhD Researcher in Religious Studies

Jonathan D Smith works and conducts research at the intersection of religious diversity and social movements in multicultural societies.

He is currently a PhD researcher in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on how religious groups participate in social movements and respond to shared social challenges in complex and surprising ways.

Some examples of research include:
• inter-religious solidarity movements in South Africa
• intermediaries supporting local faith communities in Jordan to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees
• religious environmental movements in Indonesia
• faith communities in London addressing barriers to social exclusion and fostering a sense of belonging
• management of multi-faith spaces at UK universities
• proselytisation as a shared challenge for missionaries and development workers

He has worked in the UK charitable sector for nine years on grassroots interfaith and social action projects with the Lokahi Foundation and the Faith & Belief Forum. Before moving to the UK, he taught academic English for four years at universities in Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, where I supported student groups engaged in interfaith dialogue and non-violent action for peace and justice.

Nationality: United Kingdom
August 26, 2020

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August 26, 2020

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