Henry McGhie

Co-Founder of Museums for Climate Action

Henry McGhie has had a lifelong passion for nature, and has a background as a bird ecologist. He worked at Manchester Museum, part of the University, from 2000–2019, as a curator and head of the Museum’s curatorial team. He oversaw the development of award-winning galleries and special exhibitions linked to environmental sustainability and climate change. He has helped broker partnerships between researchers, museums and policy workers, both in the UK and internationally, and is a member of the international Sustainability Working Group established by ICOM (International Council of Museums) in 2018. Henry is interested in finding ways to accelerate museums’ contributions to nature conservation, climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals. He is interested in working with people and organisations who want to go farther, faster together towards a world where people and nature flourish together.

Nationality: GB
October 06, 2021

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