Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze

Youth Climate Activist: CEO and Director of Greening Burundi Project

The menace of deforestation and the devastating effects of the climate change resulting in soil erosion, global warming, and desertification and soil infertility, has made some people feel concerned and seeing himself as a future generation, embarked on reforestation in order to preserve the environment. This passion was what gave birth to the launching of the “Greening Burundi” Project,” with the hope of planting 1 million trees in Burundi.

Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze is 24 and lives in Bubanza, Burundi and work often with the community while Raise awareness to environmental Preservation, Peacebuilding and Community development.
He’s implanting a project named Greening Burundi in October 2018 and a large number of trees have been planted.

In the 1st Phase of the #GreeningBurundi project, 40,000 trees were planted while the 2nd Phase has commenced with the setting up of the nursery of more than 200,000 trees to be planted in between October and November this year.

Nationality: BI
June 25, 2019

Not yet, but soon.

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