Emile Agard

Editor- environmental activist

Emile is an expert in hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental contamination assessment, and soil mechanics. His unique skill set is frequently applied to cases involving mining, land development, drainage and soil testing.

Emile has performed multiple investigations involving stability analysis for building developments and mining projects. He has worked as a consultant on storm water drainage and runoff issues, and groundwater flow, quantity, and quality investigations as well as inspected the damages resulting from such issues for litigation and subrogation purposes.

Nationality: french
April 08, 2019

England predicted to miss target of becoming smoke-free by 2030

Call for more government action as figures show smoking much higher among poor

February 25, 2020

Tesla Resumes Tree Cutting in Germany to Build Gigafactory

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) said it had resumed tree cutting in Gruenheide, Germany so it can construct its f...

February 22, 2020

Flooding will continue across UK after Storm Dennis passes, experts say

Flood hit areas could still feel the effects of the heavy rains brought by Storm Dennis after it has...

February 17, 2020

What is a carbon footprint?

You can't control everything, but being conscious of your carbon footprint helps.

February 10, 2020

UK wildlife at risk due to regulatory gaps created by Brexit, says report

Hedgehogs, dragonflies and bees among species in danger as critics claim proposed agriculture bill d...

February 03, 2020

Urban populations in south-east at greatest risk from air pollution

More than one in 19 deaths in UK’s largest towns and cities linked to exposure to toxic air

January 27, 2020

Ocean Warming Is Speeding Up, with Devastating Consequences, Study Shows.

In 25 years, the oceans have absorbed heat equivalent to the energy of 3.6 billion Hiroshima-size at...

January 15, 2020

Public backs action to cut out carbon by 2030

'Major wake-up call' for government as poll shows overwhelming support for net-zero emissions by end...

January 13, 2020

Kangaroo Island bushfires: grave fears for unique wildlife after estimated 25,000 koalas killed

Greatest concerns for endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart and glossy black-cockatoo after third of is...

January 07, 2020

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