Greetings from Energime University!

Welcome to the first issue of the EUC2 iNews digital magazine. There is a great deal going on at Energime University and we hope you will enjoy our stories and updates. 

You might be new to EUC2. It stands for Energime University Calling, Energime University Community.

We have articles about Future Pioneers ~ the Children, Young Entrepreneurs ~ finding new solutions to current sustainability problems, Experts, Influencers and Mentors.

The section on Future Pioneers will be focusing on how to help children reconnect with Mother Nature. Children who do not value nature, will not fight to protect it. 

Daniel McCollister is covered in our section of Young Entrepreneurs. He is the creator of CROPSWAP, an APP that facilitates community gardeners to swap fruits and vegetables. A great way to connect the community and keep the harvested produce from going to waste.

William Sosinsky, Energime University’s Founder and Executive Director, will be addressing complex issues, providing implementable solutions and interviewing influencers from around the world.

Bill's interview for this issue is with Dennis L. Meadows, Author of the book Beyond the Limits.

Energime University invites you to join our community and we look forward to hearing from you. In time we hope to establish a community of like-minded people. Mentors like you, who will guide others and empowering them in becoming ethical stewards of Mother Earth.

Together we can keep Mother Earth vibrant and alive.

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