Tired Earth: A Short Interview with Kaossara Sani, the Togolese Climate Activist

Hello dear Kaossara!

I want to thank you for accepting this short interview. First of all, I would like to thank you for your environmental activities. You are writer, co-founder and executive director of the Act On Sahel movement. You are working to promote peace in the Sahel region in Africa with immediate climate actions.

Why did you decide to become an environmental activist?

My name is Kaossara Sani. I am from Togo. Climate activist, writer and sociologist. I decided to join the climate movement and fight for the protection of nature because of injustice. Every day, I am witness and I am seeing children becoming plastics waste collectors or beggars in my country and many other countries in Africa. Especially in west Africa. I am lucky, I never face the sufferance of all these children who know the impact of climate crisis in their every single day. Their parents are force to send them in cities, because they are not able to feed them. So I decided to use my privilege to be educated and to have access of internet to speak louder for all those who can't speak for themselves. The climate crisis is now and already destroying the most vulnerable people lives and taken away children dreams.

Can you explain to us #ActOnSahel movement?

The #ActOnSahelmovement promote peace in the Sahel with climate actions. We want our leaders in Africa and in the Sahel region understand that the Sahel needs more trees than weapons. That is why we want them to redirect the military budget to tackle climate crisis, conflicts, terrorism and poverty. Actually our aim is to give access of lands to women in the Sahel region and empower them with clean water, electricity and solar stoves.

To fight climate change, you also have to fight people who do not believe in climate change. What is your plan for this?

Honestly, I think that the best way to fight climate denials is to show them people power. They are not denials, they are just hypocrites enslaved by their greed and love for money. They even know more than you and that we are in climate breakdown. They are not extra, they are also feeling the heat and seeing the climate crisis every day. We should not allow them to have power, we should not give them any post of responsibility in society. Big corporations are supporting them with their money and manipulating the world with their influence. To stop them we need to start banning all products of these companies.

Religions pay special attention to protecting the environment. How can we benefit from religious (especially Islamic) guidelines?

Religion teaches me that the earth is not mine and it’s not belong to anyone. We are all passengers it’s a heritage we have to take care for the next generation. And when we destroy nature or keep silent or not stop those who are destroying the world it means that we are also corrupted and criminals. For as Muslim it is a sin to be unfair to nature and if I don’t stop all those who are destroying it I will meet the anger of God and Nature.

Say whatever you like.

I just want to tell the world especially climate activists and environmental defenders to defend nature for nature not for fame and achievements. Thank you.

Thank you very much

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