Apartheid Israel’s regime controls water resources in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip where an insufficient supply leaves residents looking for alternatives all the time.
Interview With Hasan Sari, Filmmaker, Poet and Entrepreneur

This interview was conducted by Brice Garreau


The destructive effects of the Israeli-Palestinian war on the environment?

Any war has an environmental impact for sure. But such impact is mostly linked to armies like the advanced Israeli occupation one, and not to militants belongings to Hamas or other resistance movements in Gaza, due to many reasons. Firstly, the environmental impact of wars begins long before they actually do. Building and sustaining military forces consumes vast quantities of resources. Maintaining military readiness means lots of training and war games and that, too, consumes natural resources and afects the ecological system in the country. For instance, the CO2 emissions of the largest militaries, such as the heavy-duty Israeli occupation forces and weaponry, are greater than many of the world’s countries combined. The apartheid regime’s huge arsenal of warplanes polluting the airspace of geographically small-sized occupied Palestine, the multiple incidents of nuclear reactor’s leaks, the uprooting and burning of millions of olive trees by extremist illegal settlers under the watch and protection of IOF, are just few examples showing the gravity of this problem, which has been standing as a threat to the Palestinian environment and even to neighboring countries for more than 75 years now. What makes this threat and damage even more substantial and devastating is the political agenda based on committing genocide against Palestinians, which triggers catastrophic acts against the environment, too; as part of the war crimes and collective punishment the apartheid and occupation regime imposes on indigenous civilians. I’m just going to give you two examples on this criminal attitude and practice; one was in 1948 and the other happened few days ago. The Israeli occupation army used chemical and biological weapons during the 1948 war, including poisoning water wells and soil in several Palestinian towns, original documents stored in the Israel State Archive, as well as other archives revealed recently. However, the details of Israel’s secret use of biological weapons and poison against Palestinians during the 1948 war was revealed in a recent article by historians Benny Morris and Benjamin Kedar. This criminal strategy of ethnic cleaning at any cost and by all means has been enforced since the initiation of this Zionist colonial project in historical Palestine and until today. Just few days ago the occupation army personnel have been filmed pouring cement into a water source which supplies Palestinians near the city of Hebron, in occupied West Bank. Apartheid Israel’s regime controls water resources in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip where an insufficient supply leaves residents looking for alternatives all the time.

Why don’t environmental activists like Greta Thunberg condemn or speak out about war crimes against humans and environment?

These so-called environmental activists, including the ones who really started with good intentions and big dreams to serve the green cause globally, end up serving globalists’ agendas and the evil plot of the ‘new version of the world order’, which received great momentum and publicity since COVID 19 was declared global pandemic, by its architects, enforcers and powerhouses like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its chief. That’s why the so-called ‘green stars’ such as Greta Thunberg, Former U.S. Secretary of State, currently Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry and many of their likes are frequent guests in the (WEF), and travel in private jets, knowing that a person flying on a private plane emits 10 to 20 times as much carbon pollution as a commercial airline passenger, according to Transport & Environment, a European clean-transport group. Meanwhile, the real and genuine workers in the environmental field are struggling on all fronts with very limited resources in most cases. Moreover, they are considered to be a threat to the globalists’ green agenda which is completely green-less.

Why are the UN and human rights organizations indifferent to war crimes in Palestine?

This may seem to be exaggerated and even unbelievable, but it's not. The UN itself came to life as an idea and materialized later into the top international organization, just to manage and perpetuate global crises not solving them. And to be more specific, to enable the U.S. (and its allies) to spread their power, influence and dominance across the globe. Justice was never the purpose or goal. On the contrary, Status Quo dictated by the powerful players is the law every third world nation must be subjected to, and comply with, in case the rich and powerful capitals decided to create a new reality of any kind anywhere. That’s why the UN is strong and grant its legal bless to America and NATO to invade and destroy sovereign countries in the Middle-East and elsewhere, even if that contradicts with its own related charters; but never dares to drag Israel and its hundreds of war criminals to the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is one of its affiliated organizations. One other top priority for this useless to the oppressed/useful to the powerful/UN body, was to ensure the birth and growth of the Zionist colonial entity in historical Palestine go as planned by the big brother (anti-Christ himself). That’s why you find the bold presence of the big Masonic pro-Zionists’ wealthy families ruling the world, in the UN's early history and up to present time. It was John Rockefeller Jr. who rushed in 1949 to buy 17 acres along the East River in Manhattan and donate it to the international organization as a ‘gift.’ Earlier to that, the ominous Balfour Declaration was announced in a letter to 2nd Lord Rothschild, the unofficial leader of the British Jewish community who managed to make Britain ‘gift’ Palestine to the Zionist criminal armed gangs in 1917 and later officially declare the founding of the state of terror, land theft, war crimes, ethnic cleaning and apartheid. This is also why the Palestinian question is still the only unsolved major international dispute since WWII, whereas all the nations on this planet got their independence and freedom (officially and theoretically at least). Unlike all liberation movements in modern times and stories of nations fighting a colonizer or invader, Palestinians (with the help the UN and top players in its Security Council) found themselves fighting the big players in the international arena, and not only the spoiled Zionist regime and its extremist illegal settlers. A quick look at the reactions to the ongoing developments/massacres in Gaza and apartheid Israel, reflects this fact very clearly. The so-called ‘free democratic world’ openly backs the genocide against Palestinian civilians under occupation (who by the way, and according to the international laws issues by the UN itself and adopted by the West has the full right to fight the occupation forces in their territories with all means possible including the armed resistance). It's a hypocrite world to say the least.

What would have to happen for there to be a chance of lasting peace?

Although they’ve been living in hell and treated as ‘sub-humans or human beasts’ literally for the past 103 years, including the 75 years of the Zionist occupation, and despite all the great massacres and atrocities committed against them and still going on until today, Palestinians at home and the millions in exile have generally agreed to ink a lasting peace deal with the occupation regime as long as it would give them a sovereign state. The other side, over decades, has practically proven that they are afraid of peace more than war, simply because their plan has always been based on gaining more time while involved in non-serious endless peace negotiations, until they’ve reached the time now where they’ve swallowed most of the Palestinian land and made the two-state solution practically impossible. Not to mention their decades-long propaganda campaign to Satanize and demonize Palestinians through portraying them as terrorists and anti-Semitic, though Palestinians have welcomed Jews and Christians in their holy land where their ancestors existed for over 6,000 years; and Palestine was the land of Arab Palestinian Jebusites 40 centuries before BC, who built Jerusalem 21 centuries ahead of the arrival of prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) to the holy land. He even didn’t own 2 meters of land then to bury his wife so he bout a small cave for that matter. Truth is ALL Jews (good ones and the evil terrorists), from Abraham (PBUH) who came to the holy land from Iraq, to Golda Meir, former prime minister of the Zionist occupation entity who arrived there from Ukraine, are holders of the Palestinian citizenship. In Brief, I think peace is behind both parties now. Personally, and let that remark sink in, I think we are approaching historically unprecedented times in occupied Palestine, the region and on several hot fronts globally, all ushering in WWIII and the nuclear clash. This along with (likely after imminent unprecedented natural catastrophes “from earth and space”, which will be decisive in changing the whole current equation of world powers, and shaping a new world. We’ve already entered the era of the Biblical end of time.)


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